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Ray Ban Junior RB1528 3542 In Black Review

The Ray Ban brand is proud to celebrate over seventy-five years worth of success. Bausch and Lomb were approached by an American General who asked for a sophisticated pair of glasses that were stylish but also practical to give him optimum protection from sun rays. They released the iconic aviator which became a hit and the ultimate fashion accessory. In 1952, they brought us another iconic frame, the Wayfarer. These glasses were also another instant hit and this shape is now a classic glasses shape.


In 2003, the RayBan brand launched their kids eyewear aimed for ages 8-12 years. The RayBan Junior RB1528 is a best-selling model for the junior optical range. The glasses replicate the adult original Wayfarer frames but are more petite perfectly designed for kids. The glasses can also be worn by adults who have a petite sized head to give you that perfect fit.

The RayBan Junior Wayfarer glasses are available for both boys and girls. The classic glasses come in a wide range of colours and patterns but the black colour option is the most popular choice. The black looks exactly the same as the original iconic Wayfarers made back in the 50s. Black is sophisticated, smart and simple. They are stylish enough to be worn everyday and provide the best in optics. RayBan are famous around the world for not only giving us fashionable eyewear but also functional glasses that are one of the best in optics.

RB1528RayBan designs meet the needs of younger eyewear users. The eyewear ensures functionality, a perfect fit and comfort. Glasses should sit firmly and lightly on your face and you should not be able to feel them. These frames are lighter than a feather and give you the best visual experience. The brand’s innovative contemporary designs characterises the materials used and the styling of the frames themselves. RayBan is known all over the world and is popular with men, women, celebrities and fashionistas. It was only natural that children started following the trend as well.