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PH2039 Review

Click Here To Buy The PH2039This is a short review on the popular Polo Ralph Lauren model, PH2039. This luxury fashion brand has been established for over forty years. It was first set up in 1967 as a company that solely sold ties.

From selling ties to becoming the official supplier to the Wimbledon then being one of the most respected fashion brands of the world, the company has definitely achieved a lot since it first started out.


Polo Ralph Lauren eyewear was launched in 2007. The brand now offers a range of both optical glasses and sunglasses in a range of styles, shapes and sizes. The PH2039 is one of the most popular model currently available. The simple yet practical design of the eyewear combined with its level of comfort and wear ability makes the PH2039 a great investment to all prescription wearers and non-prescription wearers.

PH2039 Review: See The Lowest Online PriceThe Polo 2039 has a classic and timeless look. The classic rectangle frame shape is ideal for men and women who desires modern eyewear designs. A fully-rimmed setting ensures that lenses are securely supported within the frame itself. With most fully-rimmed frames, people with low to high prescriptions can choose this frame type as it can accommodate high prescription lenses. The frame arms of the glasses are thicker than most standard frame arms.

Polo's Big Pony LogoThis gives the eyewear a traditional feel as most vintage designs have thick frame arms. When it comes to colours the Polo PH2039 is available in four variations; black/red, black/yellow, black, and havana (tortoise shell). The havana frame colour followed by the black/red are the most popular choices. On the temples, you can see Polo's signature logo, the Big Pony. This is the company's trademark logo and can be found on all eyewear models as well as clothes, accessories and bags.

The Polo brand has a style that combines American prep-school fashion with heritage English refinement. Most of the brand's collection consists of sophisticated frames in complementing shapes and colourful colours. Polo clothing and accessories are not only recognisable by the Big Pony logo, it's also known for its playful use of colours and this is no different when it comes to the company's eyewear range.