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PH1075 Review

PH1075Ralph Lauren is a brand that truly defines American heritage. The brand dates all the way back to 1967 where Ralph Lauren initially designed men’s ties. Two years later, he opened a boutique store in, Manhattan’s department store, Bloomingdale’s. The brand is a high-end luxury brand that is suited for American “blue bloods” lifestyle whilst remaining stylish and within an affordable price range. The collection has a sports “preppy” appeal and the brand designed for Wimbledon and the Olympics. Ralph Lauren is now a huge lifestyle brand that has a timeless style.


The PH1075 are a half-rimmed pair of spectacles made for men. They embody a classic rectangle shape which is highly flattering for most faces. This model is very clean cut and simple in design but remains very stylish and sleek. The brand is known for using high quality materials which means the product is durable and long-lasting. This means the wearer receives great value for money which is something you wish for with eyewear. The beauty of these frames speak for themselves Polo Ralph Lauren PH1075and men’s fashion is known for being simplistic.

The Polo Ralph Lauren PH1075 glasses are available in different sophisticated colours for you to choose from. Classic black, grey and gunmetal breathe a masculine appeal which is hugely popular. The glasses are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. The materials used ensure and are built for comfort which is perfect for a product that will be worn daily. There are adjustable nose pads to increase comfort and these are suitable for day and night; for an activity.

The PH1075 frames are both functional and fashionable. They are great for assisting your vision as the half-rim means there is nothing blocking your downward view. The ear stems have a curve at the ends which means they have a comfortable and firm grip around your ears. The frames are finished off stylishly as the authenticity is shown on the arms. The Polo Ralph Lauren signature 'POLO' is embossed on the hinge section of the temples. The name is known world-wide and makes them instantly recognized as a Ralph Lauren pair.