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Paul Smith Dandee PS8190 (PM8190) Review

Paul Smith DandeeSir Paul Smith was knighted in 2000 for his success in menswear which started over three decades ago. His first store opened in Nottinghamshire, which is where he lives. The brand’s style is a mix of English tradition and eccentricity. He was one of the first to make formal fashion more fun. Using sharp lines in smart suits with a blend of humour such as the use of colour or pattern. The clothing line depicts Smith’s character of being a proud British man with a sense of humour. There are currently 200 shops worldwide including markets. Smith is still involved with the brand as chairman and as designer.

Paul Smith Dandee

The Paul Smith Dandee PS8190 (sometimes referred to as PM8190) glasses are a bestselling pair of glasses for women. The feminine cat-eye and rounded frame shape are very trendy. Women choose this model because the shape is flattering and is stylish for most face shapes. The cat eye shape is different from the usual square and completely rounded shap and the style is becoming increasingly popular for its unique look.


The Paul Smith PS8190 (PM8190) comes in a range of different colours and stylish patterns to choose from. The glasses are made of the highest quality and made with materials from Italy. There are two circular silver pins on the arms of the frames as seen on a lot of Paul Smith spectacles. The subtle detailing adds to the style of the glasses and makes them more unique in design.

On the interior of the arms engraved is the quote ‘Good day sunshine’ in Smith’s own handwriting. This is a quirky feature mainly for the wearer and to show its authenticity. In most of the spectacles, embossed on the interior is a word or a picture which just makes the glasses more fun. The Paul Smith Dandee frames are a stylish option for those women, who want to make a bold fashion statement, whilst remaining classy. The glasses, like the spectacle collection and man himself, are a blend of tradition and class with a bit of whimsical fun and humour.