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Dior Croisette 3 Review

Dior Croisette 3The French fashion label Dior was founded in 1946. Christian Dior is the man behind the brand and had an artistic flair at an early age. When he was a young boy he sold his fashion sketches outside of his house. In 1928, he left school to set up his own small art gallery.

After World War 2 people needed something new to look forward to in order to move on from the tragedies. Dior created new shapes and silhouettes which was labeled as the ‘New Look’ and was an instant success. He reestablished Paris as the centre of the fashion world and was the most influential designer in the 1940s/50s.

The Dior Croisette 3 is a stylish pair of sunglasses made for women. They are rounded in design and the entire frame is constructed out of fine acetate. This model has been crafted by an expert hand in Italy using only the best materials. Dior’s eyewear has to pass a strict quality control so that the brand’s elite customers only receive the best. Dior’s legacy breathes sophisticated glamour as well as finesse.

The Croisette3 Dior eyewear is eye-catching and stands out with its trendy appeal. The front of the glasses has a stripe pattern which is currently very stylish and trendy. Stripes have a timeless look and are perfect for summer as it resembles a holiday theme. Stripes relate to sailors and sun beds seen at the beach which is why this model is extremely popular. The brand have made this Croisette3 Dior Sunglassesmodel available in lots of classic and bold colours such as black and brown or blue and bright red. Whatever your preference in style there is bound to be an option to suit you.

The Dior sunglasses are very comfortable to wear as they are so light in weight. The acetate material has been tested and proven to be worn daily without being irritated. The temple ends have a distinctive curve which means they have a firm hold around the head. The stripes do not cover the entire frame so it remains classy and there is a gold feature on either side of where the stripes finish. The temples have the brand’s signature in raised metal on the arms to show its authenticity.