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Diesel DL5012 Review

Diesel DL5012Diesel is a fashion label aimed at young adults. The brand retains a luxury and classy look with a modern edge and fashion attitude. The street-wear is American-inspired and targets a generation raised on outrageous brand promises. Renzo Rossi founded the brand in 1978 and wanted to give people the real truth and what they desired rather than sugar-coating it with false advertisement. Delivering affordable luxury, style and comfort is what makes the brand so successful.

Diesel DL5012

The Diesel DL5012 glasses are made out of fine acetate and have been handcrafted in Italy. The brand is an Italian label and the biggest store is based Milan. Skilled optical experts and professionals design and create the brand’s eyewear with careful precision. Only the highest quality materials are used and all of the brand’s products have to pass a strict quality control to ensure customers receive the best.

The DL5012 frames are extremely light in weight which is why they are great to wear. They are so comfortable to wear DL5012throughout the day and during any activity as the wearer will hardly feel them on their face. This model has a rectangle shape with a slight cat-eye as the corners lift. This is a feminine touch as the eyewear has been designed for women. This shape is hugely popular due to its flattering style. The frames are very strong and long-lasting as well which is why they are great value for money. They are flexible at the hinges which increases durability as the wearer can fold them and carry them around easily.

The DL5012 Diesel design is available in different colour options and each model has a two tone affect. The smart and sophisticated black has a white layer tone on the arms and hints of it can be seen on the front of the frames. There are also bold and bright colours such as pink and blue with a different shade as the second tone. The glasses are finished off with the authenticity shown on the temples. The brand name is engraved on the hinging area which also looks stylish. This model combines both function and fashion effortlessly and the label is recognized world-wide making this pair instantly desirable.