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D&G DD3065 Review

Click Here To Buy The DD3065This review is all about the D&G DD3065 which is a best selling model from the brand's sun collection. The DD 3065 does belong to the male's collection however the unisex style of these sunglasses allow women to wear this model with style.

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian brand that is well known for their modern and glamorous style. What sets D&G apart from other designer brands is their strong Italian heritage and culture.


The brand's designs are always inspired by Italian heritage, the Mediterranean and modern life. D&G is a brand that is perfect for men and women who live modern lifestyles. The typical D&G man is confident, charismatic and very comfortable in his own skin. He is not subjected by rules and expresses his personality through his eyewear.

D&G DD3065 ReviewThe brand's recent eyewear campaign featured the D&G 3065 worn on the male model. His style of clothing is very casual but very stylish and contemporary. The black classic aviator frame front goes hand-in-hand with the gold coloured temple stems. The aviator frame shape looks great on both men and women but this model does have slightly more masculine appeal than other aviator frame shapes. You can find subtle hand-crafted detailing on the temple tips and temples.

The gold coloured frame arms are coated with black acetate temple tips. This allows the frames to be more comfortable during wear as acetate feels smooth and soft against the skin. This material is also great to use in eyewear making as it is non-allergenic and very easy to clean. The distinctive double-bridge design is a great feature as it makes the eyewear look very contemporary and stylish. Fashion-forward individuals will really appreciate the design and look of the DD3065.

The DD3065 With Polarised LensesThese sunglasses come in a large variety of mixed colours and patterns. The black frame colour is the most 'traditional' but those who are adventurous can experiment with white, blue, red and green frame colours. For those who are looking for polarised sunglasses, the Dolce and Gabbana 3065 offers a polarised version in a stunning matte black frame colour with grey polarised lenses.