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DD5074 Review

Click Here To Buy The DD5074This post is all about the Dolce & Gabbana DD5074. This brand is well known for their luxury goods so it's no surprise that the brand's eyewear collection offers the same sensual, glamorous and luxurious appeal that their clothes, bags and shoes do.

In this post, we take a closer look at the 5074 model to see why it is such a popular frame based on appearance, function, and wear ability.

These stylish spectacles belong to the men's optical collection. The rectangle frame style is a great option for all face shapes as it's not too angular or round so will suit everyone. Rectangle frames are also a very popular choice amongst men and women when it comes to choosing eyewear as it really flatters all face shapes. The frames are semi-rimless; with all supras, it is recommended to opt for thinner and lighter lenses.


A semi-rimless frame is the right choice for you if you are tired of wearing fully rimmed glasses but want more support for your lenses than rimless glasses. Lenses are held firmly and securely in place by a nylon wire on the rimless half of the glasses. The upper half of the lenses are supported by the acetate frame. Acetate is a thermo-plastic material that is derived from organic materials such as wood or cotton flowers. The thick frame arms work well with male faces as men generally have wider or broader facial proportions compared to women.

DD5074 Review | See The Lowest Online PriceThe subtle 'D&G' white logo on the temples is a gentle reminder that these spectacles are not just designer spectacles, they are luxury designer spectacles. The DD 5074 is available in 6 other frame colours that looks very playful and gives off notes of traditional Mediterranean flavour. In most Dolce & Gabbana designs, the brand's Italian and Mediterranean heritage is very prominent.

The typical D&G man is someone who is very in tune with himself and his sense of style. Timeless and super elegant, the D&G man wants to express his unique personality through his eyewear. He appreciates true craftsmanship and quality of Italian-made designs and loves luxury designer goods. The D&G male collection is less glamorous and dramatic compared to the women's collection.