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CA 6163 Review

Click Here To Buy The CA 6163This is a short post on the latest optical frame launched by the brand. The Carrera 6163 is a very popular model.

This review will look a little bit deeper into the company history as well as observing what the 6163 model has to offer to those who are looking for prescription glasses. Let us start off with educating ourselves a bit about the brand.

Carrera Panamericana Races Inspired The Carrera Brand

Carrera was founded in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger. Anger started up his brand which was inspired by the 1950 Southern American car races, the Carrera Panamerica. Revolving around racing and motor sports, the brand also involved itself with other sports including skiing, bike racing, and cycling and started developing sports glasses, ski goggles and helmets for these sports professionals. The first pair of ophthalmic frames to be created by the brand was in 1981.

CA 6163 Review: See The Lowest Online Price

The company joined up with large Italian manufacturer Safilo to develop new, innovative and improved eyewear models. With Safilo's help some of the brand's best-selling sunglass models became international favourites such as the Carrera Champion. The CA6163 is one of the most popular optical frames from their most recent eyewear collection. Available in six colours, there is plenty of choice for those who like the look of this prescription frame.

It is well known that designer eyewear can prove to be an expensive investment but when you weigh up the quality, craftsmanship and durability of designer frames compared to cheap high-street replicas, there is definitely value for money with designer goods. Carrera is an affordable designer brand with most frames more cost effective than luxury brands like Gucci. Carrera eyewear will not appeal to those who prefer brands like Dior and Gucci.

CA 6163 Review: See The Lowest Online Price

This is because the company does not pride itself of luxurious aesthetics but instead focuses on safety, innovation, function and comfort. These factors will be much more important to Carrera wearers. People who like this brand will also be dynamic and love living life to the fullest which fully reflects this brand's identity. The heritage of the company still remains at the heart of every product which ensures that the racing history is never forgotten.