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Sun is out and running is a great way of keeping fit and getting some fresh air at the moment. Whether you run to keep fit, are an elite athlete or are just trying it for the first time, it’s really important to protect your eyes from the sunlight. Just as you use suncream to protect your skin, you should always use high-quality sunglasses to protect your eyesight. The sun’s UV rays can be harmful even if you are out on an overcast day, so wearing sunglasses is a must when out running.



Finding the right pair of sunglasses for running can be tricky. You want a pair which fit perfectly so that they become unnoticeable f while you are moving. They need to be comfortable, lightweight, durable and affordable. At Fashion Eyewear we can help you find the best pair and fit - we stock the best sports brands in the eyewear industry, both in optical and sunglasses. You can also add your prescription to your designer sunglasses to make running even easier.









Prada Sport has high-quality luxury sporting frames, perfect for going on a jog around your local park. As well as looking the part, these wrap-around frames will shield your eyes from sunlight at all angles. They are also lightweight and durable, so you won’t be needing a new pair in a hurry. The Prada Sport Linea Rossa is available in two colour tones, black rubber around the lenses, grey arms with the Prada Sport logo subtly placed in red with grey polarised gradient lenses for extra eye protection against unwanted glare from the sun. More colour combinations are available: Black/silver, grey/silver and yellow/silver.











DITA LANCIER is one of the high-end sporting brands we stock at Fashion Eyewear, the sporting extension from DITA, known for their high-quality luxury eyewear. DITA LANCIER lenses are all polarised and made with advanced optical materials. You can easily add your own prescription for extra clarity while out running. These sunglasses are very stylish so can be worn as a fashion accessory as well as a practical pair of running sunglasses. Designed with lightweight, thin metal arms and comfortable tips, they are a perfect frame for running. DITA is known for the aviator ‘FLIGHT’ models, a very popular choice in black and gold, but they are also available in black/green, black/grey and grey/grey so you can pick a colour which will always match your personal style whether out running or socialising.











Oakley glasses are worn by top athletes worldwide in both optical and sunglasses. They are popular among sports enthusiasts for their frames and advanced innovative lenses. Their frames are made from durable yet comfortable rubbers, metals and acetates so they are suitable for movement and won’t fall off your face easily. Sunglasses that move too much when you are exercising can be really irritating so you want a pair particularly designed to comfortably stay in place. You can add Oakley prescription lenses to your sunglasses in both varifocal and single vision. Our checkout process will help guide you through which lenses and which tint is most suitable for running. You can also read more about the Oakley lenses we stock here.











As you can imagine, Nike sunglasses are a popular choice among runners. Nike is one of the biggest sports brands worldwide so they get it right when it comes to sports-proof sunglasses. They have a range of frames available in aviator, wraparound, rectangle, or square styles. We recommend wraparounds or slightly larger frames which cover your eyes to make sure they are completely protected from the sun’s UV rays. Nike is also known for its popular athleisure style which has become a trend whether you are into sports or not. You can buy sunglasses in neutral colours, black, grey, white, transparent, or make a statement in a bolder shade. You know with a Nike frame you are buying into style and quality to go with your running kit.








You can add your prescription to any of our designers frames no matter what style, shape or brand you decide to go for. Choose from Varifocal/Progressive or Single Vision lenses, then choose your lens option from the most advanced optical brands: Nikon, Essilor, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim and our own Fashion Eyewear Packages! We have our PD tool available so you can add your prescription in the comfort of your own home. Then simply sit back and wait for your favourite sunnies or glasses to arrive!