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Best Polarised Sunglasses For Fishing in 2020

Best Polarised Sunglasses For Fishing in 2020

Fishing season has arrived and to help you spy a good catch we have the top polarised glasses for you to wear, to optimise your performance as well as protect your eyes from UV rays. Spending the day by the water in the sun can do some serious damage to your eyes: it is found people who spend a lot of time by the water and sun are more prone to cataracts early on. As you have the added reflection of sunlight off the water as well as the UV rays directly from the sun, having a pair of good quality sunglasses is a must!

As well as protecting your eyes from sunlight, wearing glasses as a fisherman is good to protect your eyes from other potential hazards too - you don’t want any fishing hooks or sharp objects to come flying at your eyes damaging your sight! So think of wearing sunglasses as an imperative to protect your eyes while fishing, as well as optimising your vision so you don’t miss a potential catch. Sunglasses are useful for other outdoor weathers too such as improving glare, reflections, heavy winds and dust, which can hinder your eyesight.

Our top sunglasses to wear for fishing

To make sure you stay protected while out fishing, We have narrowed down our fishing favourites for you to shop:


The Ray-Ban RB4283CH is a perfect frame for fishing. Not only is it stylish and unisex, it is also available in three colourways: tortoise, black and blue. It is a comfortable frame with large arms, which create extra eye protection at the side of your face: no dust or hooks will be hindering your eyesight! The lenses are also a large rectangular shape with rounded corners, which protect your eyesight from all directions. Oh, and they are polarised too!


Nike is a favourite brand when it comes to any sports, but Nike Adrenaline is a particular favourite. This affordable black rubber frame is comfortable and lightweight, easy to wear all day while you are fishing. The design is sleek with a subtle black tick on the arm - the easy recognisable Nike logo. Don’t forget that you can add your prescription lenses to complete your glasses.


The Oakley Fuel Cell is available in black Prizm with polarised and non-polarised lenses - although with fishing we always recommend the polarised lens. The Fuel Cell has wide lenses and a wide hinge creating a ‘shield’, so your eyes and the side of your eyes are very well protected from all weather conditions. With Oakley, you can add your very own specific prescription lenses, tailored to your fishing needs. You can add these easily once you follow our checkout process.


Maui Jim is another high-quality sports brand that specialises in advanced polarised lenses. This brand is [easily recognised as they are] known worldwide for the innovative coloured lenses, which represent the beautiful colours of Hawaii and its scenic landscape. The bright colours help emphasise the natural colours [our eye picks up, this will help to pick up the natural colours] around you while fishing and reduce any hindering glare. This [particular frame, the] Maui Jim Local Kine frame comes in the signature Maui Green colour -certainly a standout lens! If you love a statement tint then you will love to browse our Maui Jim collection.

Prescription lenses


If you are buying an Oakley frame you can add Oakley prescription lenses, to create our most recommended sports package for fishing. Once you have added your Oakley prescription lenses, you can then add a lens tint from our wide selection. For fishing, we recommend adding the Oakley Sports Deep Water Polarised lens tint. Prizm ™ Sport lenses have turned Oakley eyewear into vital equipment for sports, specialising in sectors of sports such as water sports. These lenses are engineered to enhance detail in precise ways for each sporting environment, so the Prizm™ deep water is perfect for fishing. This lens is engineered to reduce glare and filter the shades of blue that overwhelm your vision in open water. As you’ll be able to see what’s going on below the surface, you will never miss a catch again!


Like Oakley, if you buy a Ray-Ban frame you can complete the Ray-Ban look by adding their own tailored lenses. You can choose from Premium or Top Ray-Ban lenses, as well as your desired lens thickness and add a Polarised option. Polarised lenses are perfect for reducing glare on the waterfront, as well as useful for day to day use.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim is also tailored to sports, providing high quality polarised lenses. Once you have chosen between Maui Evolution and Maui Brilliant lenses, you can pick your gradient and lens colour. For fishing, the neutral grey lens tint may be the best choice: this lens offers the highest available light reduction for the richest colours and sharpest contrast. It is, therefore, best suited for environments which have bright direct sunlight.

Fashion Eyewear Tints


If the glasses you have chosen from our sports range aren’t already polarised, you can add the option on our website. This is an advanced solid tint which runs through the whole lens and eliminates glare. We offer polarised lenses for £50, and they provide 100% UV protection, 75% light absorption and 25% transmission.


If you fancy gradient lenses you can add a gradient tint while choosing the lens options we offer. This is also known as “graduated”, due to the lens tint gradually becoming lighter at the bottom of the lens. Gradient lenses offer 100% UV protection, 75% to 25% light absorption and 25% to 75% transmission. These are suitable for everyday use as well as driving.


This is aesthetically pleasing, mirror finish. Mirrored lenses have a reflective surface on the outside of the lenses. They have 100% UV protection, 75% light absorption and 25% transmission, useful for conditions in the water.

Full Tint

This tint goes through the whole lens, it has 100% UV protection, 75% light absorption, 25% transmission - this lens is perfect for everyday use and driving.

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