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Oliver Peoples Follies OV5194 Review

FolliesIt is hard to believe that the Oliver Peoples brand has only existed since the late 80s. They are such a prestigious brand in the eyewear industry that some would assume they were older. Celebrating 25 years of success and creating glasses of the highest quality, with the coolest designs, is what makes them such an exclusive choice. The first ever store to open back in 1986 was in the Sunset Boulevard of Hollywood and to this day Hollywood elites are huge fans of the company. Many celebrities including Elijah Wood wear the frames and have even collaborating with campaigns involving new releases.

Oliver Peoples Follies

The Oliver Peoples Follies OV5194 is a feminine pair of glasses inspired by Hollywood movie stars. Acting icons such as OV5194Marilyn Monroe who is famous for wearing chic upswept shape glasses made glasses a huge fashion trend back then. Glasses on women in those days were seen as ugly and unattractive but she made them more appealing and sassy. These glasses in particular have that flattering butterfly lens shape as well. The perfectly handcrafted frames are made of polished acetate.

The Follies are retro but also fashion forward. Fashion always looks back to vintage styles for influence but add a modern twist. Instead of the usual rounded or rectangular frame shape the butterfly shape is recently becoming more and more in demand. The shape is flattering to most women and face shapes. The glasses like other Oliver Peoples eyewear do not bear a logo on the temples. There is however the name plaque delicately embossed on the temple ends. This makes them exclusive and authentic for the wearer.

The OV5194 are so popular that they come in a range of different colours. The different shades of red and Havana styles are best-sellers as they have that feminine charm and sophistication. The vintage-inspired glasses are timeless. If they were fashionable in the 40s and now over seven decades later, then it is safely assumed they will be fashionable in the next seven decades.