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9 ways some of the most stylish Faces in Eyewear do Summer

9 ways some of the most stylish Faces in Eyewear do Summer


From the streets of New York to the beaches of Rimini accomplished fashion photographer Scott Schuman combines his love of fashion and artful photo direction to produce his charmingly candid and stylish blog Faces by the Sartorialist.

His blog, which is quickly growing in popularity having been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue to name a few, features a collection of brilliant street style moments of everyday people captured in some of the most fashion conscious cities of the world. The most alluring draw for us is the particular focus on eyewear and the "faces" that don them. So if you're a glasses wearer looking for inspiring ways to incorporate your frames into your fashion decisions then here's what we learned this season from our new obsession Faces by the Sartorialist:


1. Frames have gone from geek to chic

This isn't news but just incase you missed the memo, frames are THE it accessory right now. Whether your personality is modest or soft spoken or even if you're an edgier type, glasses are a great way to express who you are. Turn up the heat on your outfit this season with these large cat-eye glasses.


2. Who says you only wear sunglasses to the beach?

Ralph Lauren RL120 (pictured above)

Of course sun protection should be at the top of your list of things to keep in mind when hitting the beach this summer. But if your beach activities include sitting under a shaded cabana to take in the weather while outdoors, why not pack in the sunnies and break out your frames for that added touch of sophistication while hanging out poolside.


3. Never be afraid to experiment with colour

It's easy to grow bored of your frames when you have to wear them everyday (as many everyday glasses wearers may know). A way to beat the glasses gloom is to add some colour and fun to your selection of frames. Along with your standard black or white frames include colours like these sleek green, round shaped Chanel glasses to spark life back into your wardrobe.


4. Guys, this goes for you as well

Guys, the ladies don't have to be the only ones in on the colour fun. Guys who incorporate colour into their frames selection communicate an easy going and confident quality that is truly attractive. Ray-Ban has a great selection of glasses with a wide colour range including these dark tortoise Ray-Bans (pictured above).


5. Play around with styles and shapes

Like colours experimenting with shapes is a great way to express our unique and often changing personality. Try these stunning Miu Miu glasses to take your first leap into non conformity.


6. Work and play don't have to be mutually exclusive... when it comes to your eyewear at least

Your work wardrobe may need to be muted and subtle but who says your frames need to be? If no where else, incorporate some fun into your daily life via your eyewear with these Miu Miu glasses (pictured above) even whilst climbing the corporate ladder.


7. Just because you're dressed down doesn't mean your frames have to be

Dressed up or dressed down these Persol frames look great for any summer occasion. American Actor Steve McQueen was one of Persol's biggest fans for good reason. McQueen wore the iconic frames frequently both on and off camera. The frames' metal temple embellishment and keyhole shape are like wearing a tux on your face to stay looking your most put together, even when the day calls for casual wear.


8. Choose frames to suit your personality, not the other way around

Ray-Ban (pictured above)

Gone are the days when not having perfect 20/20 vision meant a total hit to your style choices. Dont feel limited by your eyewear. If you're a cool or quirky type find frames that play up your personality and not work against it.


9. Have fun!

Oliver Peoples (pictured above)

Whatever you get up to this summer what all of these "Faces" have taught us is to have fun with your eyewear. No matter the occasion make sure you bring along frames that truly allow for a great time and reflect who you are.


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