Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Eyewear is a natural extension of the ready-to-wear collections with a modern, feminine and confident aesthetic. Made with bio-based materials, both sunglasses and optical eyewear embrace the brand’s sustainable philosophy. The collection is the result of extensive research into the use of raw materials from natural origins; over 50% of the materials used to create our eyewear are from natural sources.

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  1. Stella McCartney SC0199S
    Stella McCartney SC0199S
  2. Stella McCartney SC0189S
    Stella McCartney SC0189S
  3. Stella McCartney SC0187S
    Stella McCartney SC0187S
  4. Stella McCartney SC0172S
    Stella McCartney SC0172S
  5. Stella McCartney SC0171S
    Stella McCartney SC0171S
  6. Stella McCartney SC0158S
    Stella McCartney SC0158S
  7. Stella McCartney SC0157S
    Stella McCartney SC0157S
  8. Stella McCartney SC0134S
    Stella McCartney SC0134S
  9. Stella McCartney SC0130S
    Stella McCartney SC0130S
  10. Stella McCartney SC0129S
    Stella McCartney SC0129S
  11. Stella McCartney SC0128S
    Stella McCartney SC0128S
  12. Stella McCartney Kids SK0040S
    Stella McCartney Kids SK0040S
  13. Stella McCartney SC0101S
    Stella McCartney SC0101S
  14. Stella McCartney SC0097S
    Stella McCartney SC0097S
  15. Stella McCartney SC0087S
    Stella McCartney SC0087S
  16. Stella McCartney SC0076S
    Stella McCartney SC0076S
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    Stella McCartney SC0074S
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    Stella McCartney SC0032S
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For Spring/Summer 2020, Stella McCartney presents an innovative new collection of sustainable eyewear styles, incorporating futuristic silhouettes and signature design details from the ready to wear collection. Effortlessly elegant in a fresh, tonal palette, the range riffs on classic shapes and iconic Stella motifs to create a playful look for the new season.

The women’s collection is punctuated by bold, angular frames that represent a powerful approach to eyewear for the modern Stella woman. Strong lines across the brow give a unisex appeal, whilst rounded, visor-style lenses serve as a refined nod to sport-luxe. The iconic Falabella chain is playfully reimagined in bio-acetate for the Spring/Summer season, appearing on arms of rounded and extreme cat-eye styles, whilst the popular Stella Logo motif is offered an update on fine, laser studded styles in striking metallic hues. A colour palette of cool pastels speaks to sun-drenched summer days, with soft ombres mirroring the vibrant tie-dye patterns seen throughout the ready to wear collection.

Within the kid’s offering, retro motifs add a playful touch to sun styles for girls and boys. A new fun style for Spring/Summer features a rainbow arch over the brow, whilst the much- loved heart silhouette is reimagined in new shades of Fluo Pink and Peach for a fresh summery look. The latest mini-me style is a modern frame inspired by the women’s collection, available in two different matching colourways; Black and Transparent Lilac.

Supporting Stella McCartney’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, the collection has been developed and created using the most advanced technology and ethically sourced materials such as bio-acetate, which is made from renewable raw materials. Made using fibres from seeds (cotton) and wood (conifers and broadleaves); bio-acetate is phthalate-free – making it eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable.