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  • Julbo Sunglasses

    Protect your child's eyesight with the award winning Julbo sunglasses. From newborns to teenagers, Julbo offer a pair of colourful sunglasses for children all age with an ergonomic design and comfort and optimal covarage for the little heads.


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  • Julbo Sunglasses Online

    The French eyewear company Julbo specialises in high-quality sports eyewear, sunglasses and prescription eyewear for children and teens.

    1888: The First “Cristalliers” Sunglasses

    Back in 1888 in the mountains of Jura, France, Jules Baud launched an optical eyewear brand, which would later be known as Julbo (coming from the name of its founder). Jules Baud was a true innovator, starting the Julbo story with designing the world’s first “Cristalliers” sunglasses at the request of the Chamonix crystal hunters who wanted to protect their eyes in the mountains.

    The first proper eye protection for mountain climbers however only came with the introduction of the “Vermont” in the 1950s what instantly revolutionised the market with mountaineers now set out to conquer the highest summits in the world. Incidentally, this model became very popular with rock stars as well and soon became a collector’s item.

    Protect Your Children’s Eyes

    With its knowledge and expertise in sun protection in extreme weather conditions Julbo set itself a new goal, to protect the eyes of big and small alike. The 1990s saw the launch of Julbo’s new eyewear range for children. Julbo is committed to take sun protection seriously especially when it comes to protecting kids’ eyes. They’ve even won a Silmo Gold Award in the “Children’s Frame” category in 2009.

    Eyes are the most fragile in childhood and that’s when they’re exposed to most UV light. If young eyes get damaged in childhood, it can cause serious diseases and become permanent in adulthood. Natural protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays isn’t fully developed until about the twenties, while children’s eyes stop growing at the age of 10. From newborn to teenagers, there is a Julbo model for all age groups: “Looping” for 0-4 year-olds, “Booba” for 4-6 year-olds, “Player L” for 6-10 year-olds and “Rookie” for the 8-12 year-olds.

    How Julbo eyewear for children is different?

    • “Flex frame” design: shock absorbing, impact resistant spring-hinges or hingeless frames
    • Made of strong, durable memory plastic and allergy-free metal front for comfort
    • Spoon-shaped and hole-punched temples to put them on easily and to attach a cord
    • Adjustable temples for a better grip

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