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  1. Fendi Signature-F Is FF0327/S
    Fendi Signature-F Is FF0327/S
    Was $289.25 Now $162.50
  2. Fendi Signature-F Is FF0323/S
    Fendi Signature-F Is FF0323/S
    Was $302.25 Now $195.00
  3. Jimmy Choo Amira/G/S
    Jimmy Choo Amira/G/S
    Was $204.75 Now $113.75
  4. Dior Stronger
    Dior Stronger
    Was $399.75 Now $185.25
  5. Chloe Cayla CE754S
    Chloe Cayla CE754S
    Was $299.00 Now $211.25
  6. Prada SPR60X
    Prada SPR60X
    Was $289.25 Now $175.50
  7. Prada SPR08X
    Prada SPR08X
    Was $295.75 Now $139.75
  8. Tiffany TF3063
    Tiffany TF3063
    Was $331.50 Now $195.00
  9. Chloe Bonnie CE764S
    Chloe Bonnie CE764S
    Was $282.75 Now $133.25
  10. Tom Ford Sye TF0738
    Tom Ford Sye TF0738
    Was $370.50 Now $172.25
  11. Tiffany TF4159
    Tiffany TF4159
    Was $331.50 Now $195.00
  12. Tom Ford Kenyan TF792
    Tom Ford Kenyan TF792
    Was $390.00 Now $289.25
  13. Prada Catwalk SPR22V
    Prada Catwalk SPR22V
    Was $286.00 Now $175.50
  14. Kate Spade Dulce/G/S
    Kate Spade Dulce/G/S
    Was $182.00 Now $94.25
  15. Kate Spade Kenzie/G/S
    Kate Spade Kenzie/G/S
    Was $165.75 Now $100.75
  16. Jimmy Choo Phebe/F/S
    Jimmy Choo Phebe/F/S
    Was $253.50 Now $143.00
  17. Swarovski SK0220
    Swarovski SK0220
    Was $201.50 Now $120.25
  18. Valentino VA2028
    Valentino VA2028
    Was $315.25 Now $178.75
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Butterfly Sunglasses

Designer Sunglasses

If you are after a fashionable, flattering, feminine fit for your next pair of glasses, you have come to the right page. The butterfly shape was first recognised as a popular sunglasses shape in the 1940s by Harper's Bazaar. Firstly made famous by style icon Jackie Onassis, butterfly sunglasses have been a popular shape in women’s eyewear ever since. In fact, Ray-Ban has named the ‘Ray-Ban Jackie Ohhh’ after her! As a timeless classic, the butterfly style is reinvented each year by top fashion brands like CHANEL, Tiffany and Dolce&Gabbana. Once you have chosen your favourite pair of designer butterfly sunglasses, you can then try them on using our virtual try-on. Then, add your prescription lenses: we also have polarised and gradient lenses available too!