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Diesel Frames | Diesel Spectacles

The Diesel Eyewear Collection was launched in the early 1990's by Renzo Rosso; he is an innovative man with great designs and a great mind for fashion. He is well known for his innovation and passion for creating something truly unique to an individual. Designer frames are now more popular and affordable than 10 years ago. Society has changed and more of us are becoming more fashionable and setting our own trends.

This is something that Renzo Rosso loves and encourages. Spectacles are seen as a cool fashion accessory that anyone can wear to instantly transform their look. Compared to a piece of clothing or designer handbag, designer frames can be seen as a reasonable purchase. For those who wear prescription lenses, Diesel frames are a great investment. Not only are you buying something that is a great fashion accessory; it also helps to correct your vision, provides care for your eyes, and is reasonably priced compared to other luxury brands.

When thinking about investing in a pair of designer spectacles, think about what style you want, the colour, size/fit, and feel of the eyewear. This is important because you want your eyewear to compliment your looks and your personal style. If you are naturally loud, vibrant and bubbly choose a frame that’s bright and colourful, you may need to opt for an acetate frame. If you are someone who prefers a classic, simplistic look; you may find that slim, metal frames are perfect for you. You would also be more likely to choose earthy colours like gold, brown, or black.