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Bench Spectacles | Bench Frames

Bench eyewear was founded in Manchester in the late 1980s. Inspired by the funky new sounds of ‘madchester’ music, youth subculture, BMX and skateboarding it’s no wonder the brand adopted a cool urban personality. Bench is a brand that’s for ‘real’ people who want to express their personality and style through their eyewear. Like their clothing counterpart, the brand is an affordable designer product which means you can still indulge in luxury without having to break into the savings account. The official licensed manufacturer and distributor of Bench glasses and sunglasses is the Brulimar Optical Group.

Bench spectacles have an exciting appeal; they’re funky, youthful and fun to wear. If you’re ready to embrace a new generation then this is the right brand for you. Get ready to embrace contemporary and urban eyewear designs using materials such as impact-resistant acetate and durable metal. There’s a great selection of frames for men, women and even children. The brand has a very relaxed style that allows you to be able to wear the frames with anything from a dinner suit to a casual tracksuit on the weekends.

The British urban flavour can be spotted immediately in every pair of Bench frames as they are purpose-built for urban living. The eyewear collection for men consists of many masculine pieces either in dark colours or a stunning mahogany-coloured tortoise shell frame colour. Women can choose from more feminine colours such as pink or purple shades or opt for dark or tortoise shell colours too. Both men and women’s collection host a range of acetate-metal combined frames as well as acetate only or metal only frames.

The hybrid acetate-metal Bench spectacles are the perfect choice for people who are torn between the comfortable feeling of an acetate frame but the strength and durability of a metal frame. If you need prescription lenses, Fashion Eyewear offers a great range of lenses, coatings and even tints to suit your lens choices. If you are unsure of which lenses or lens coatings to go for simply hover over the selections when entering your prescription to learn more.