Swarovski Eyeglasses

Bold, diamond like shapes, truly eye-catching, seductive design and romantic crystal paved frames are the main characteristics of the Swarovski glasses designs.

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  1. Swarovski SK5310
    Swarovski SK5310
    Was $244.44 Now $97.78
  2. Swarovski SK5239
    Swarovski SK5239
    Was $167.20 Now $74.96
  3. Swarovski SK5251
    Swarovski SK5251
    Was $211.19 Now $94.52
  4. Swarovski SK5249-H
    Swarovski SK5249-H
  5. Swarovski SK5245
    Swarovski SK5245
  6. Swarovski Flo SK5164
    Swarovski Flo SK5164
  7. Swarovski Famous SK5137
    Swarovski Famous SK5137
    Was $94.52 Now $78.22
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