Paul Smith Glasses

Paul Smith Glasses

Launched in 1994, Paul Smith's eyewear collection features designs that are both classic and elegant, whilst carefully incorporated with a touch of unique British quirkiness.

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  1. Paul Smith Darwin
    Paul Smith Darwin
    From: $331.50
  2. Paul Smith Dawson
    Paul Smith Dawson
    From: $243.75
  3. Paul Smith Dauglas
    Paul Smith Dauglas
    From: $243.75
  4. Paul Smith Caxton
    Paul Smith Caxton
    From: $280.00
  5. Paul Smith Charles
    Paul Smith Charles
    From: $169.00
  6. Paul Smith Catford
    Paul Smith Catford
    From: $169.00
  7. Paul Smith Cannon
    Paul Smith Cannon
    From: $169.00
  8. Paul Smith Carlisle
    Paul Smith Carlisle
    From: $200.42
  9. Paul Smith BROMPTON
    Paul Smith BROMPTON
    From: $275.00
  10. Paul Smith ARNOLD
    Paul Smith ARNOLD
    From: $275.00
  11. Paul Smith ARCHER
    Paul Smith ARCHER
    From: $204.75
  12. Paul Smith AVERY
    Paul Smith AVERY
    From: $320.00
  13. Paul Smith ANGUS
    Paul Smith ANGUS
    From: $292.50
  14. Paul Smith ALFORD
    Paul Smith ALFORD
    From: $340.00
  15. Paul Smith ALDER
    Paul Smith ALDER
    From: $320.00
  16. Paul Smith ALBION
    Paul Smith ALBION
    From: $340.00
  17. Paul Smith ANDERSON
    Paul Smith ANDERSON
    From: $320.00
  18. Paul Smith ADELAIDE
    Paul Smith ADELAIDE
    From: $292.50
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The Paul Smith Brand History

The brand initially begun in the late 70s and is still one of the biggest British designer brands to this day. Celebrating over 40 years of success, the brand’s ethos is a blend of English tradition, with something unexpected and an almost humorous twist such as the use of bold colour. This depicts the personality of the founder and designer of the brand, the man himself, Paul Smith, who started the brand almost by accident. Having no qualifications or experience, Smith started working in a warehouse. He then went on to manage a boutique in Nottingham after which he saved and opened his own small store.

Paul Smith products are produced in England and Italy, where the finest materials are used. The brand wholesales to 66 countries and has 17 shops in England. Paul Smith to this day is still involved with designing and the business side of his company. The stores themselves are popular because so much attention is given to them and he is also involved with the layout of the stores. To date, the brand has 14 different collections including accessories, fragrances and even rugs.

Paul Smith Frames

The hugely popular Paul Smith eyewear collection was first launched in 1994. The spectacle designs use strong shapes, which are vintage inspired and have an elegant style, but sometimes includes a quirky twist; such as with the surprising colour or pattern. When you see a pair of Paul Smith glasses they are instantly recognisable. These glasses are created by a designer that knows what it means to make a product that is distinctive for any consumer.

Many of the frames are unisex and look great with many different shapes of the face. One of the hardest things about purchasing the eyewear is that it may take a lot of time to find the frames that are great for you. This is not because of the price or the look, it is because there are so many eyewear choices that you will be able to choose from.

Oliver Peoples, the prestigious and globally known eyewear brand are a proud Global Licensee for Paul Smith’s eyewear collection. The frames and spectacles are practical but also have a fun edge. Some of the designs will have the multi-stripe colourful signature which is part of the detailing and style but also shows its authenticity.