Marc Jacobs

Characterised by sophisticated and slightly retro shapes the Marc Jacobs eyewear collection is distinguished by its exclusive and glamorous style. A discreet collection that creates a refined image with impeccable attention to detail.

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  1. Marc Jacobs Marc 75
    Marc Jacobs Marc 75
  2. Marc Jacobs Marc 64
    Marc Jacobs Marc 64
  3. Marc Jacobs Marc 50
    Marc Jacobs Marc 50
  4. Marc Jacobs Marc 258
    Marc Jacobs Marc 258
  5. Marc Jacobs Marc 256
    Marc Jacobs Marc 256
  6. Marc Jacobs Marc 214
    Marc Jacobs Marc 214
  7. Marc Jacobs Marc 208
    Marc Jacobs Marc 208
  8. Marc Jacobs Marc 207
    Marc Jacobs Marc 207
  9. Marc Jacobs Marc 191
    Marc Jacobs Marc 191
  10. Marc Jacobs Marc 189
    Marc Jacobs Marc 189
  11. Marc Jacobs Marc 141
    Marc Jacobs Marc 141
  12. Marc Jacobs Marc 134
    Marc Jacobs Marc 134
  13. Marc Jacobs Marc 126
    Marc Jacobs Marc 126
  14. Marc Jacobs Marc 115
    Marc Jacobs Marc 115
  15. Marc Jacobs Marc 113
    Marc Jacobs Marc 113
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    Marc Jacobs Marc 112
  17. Marc Jacobs MJ632
    Marc Jacobs MJ632
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    Marc Jacobs MARC21
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The Story

Marc Jacobs started up his self-titled label in 1986. He was the youngest designer to be awarded the fashion industry’s highest tribute, the CDFA Perry Ellis award for ‘New Fashion Talent’ in 1987. In 1992, the CDFA awarded Jacobs with the ‘Women’s Designer of the Year’ award for his Grunge collection. The brand became a big success and as a result gained a huge celebrity following who include Kirsten Dunst, Christy Turlington, Victoria Beckham, and Sofia Coppola.

The Eyewear Range

Jacob’s trendsetting style is reflected in his contemporary eyewear collection. The models in this collection would appeal to those with a quirky fashion sense. If you pay attention to the details, you will see that despite the models' understated looks, they have been executed extremely well. There are more female models in the collection in comparison to men and there is a wide availability of plastic frames.

Plastic is an easier material to produce with because you can simply do more with things with plastic than metal. The choice of colours, patterns, effects and finishes are endless with the use of plastic. The eyewear pieces are made of a special plastic called Optyl. This thermoplastic material is 20% lighter than standard plastic frames which makes them remarkably light. The Optyl plastic is also resistant to cosmetic and oil smudges which make them easy to clean and maintain.

There’s a model for everyone in the latest Marc Jacobs collection; you can find beautiful vintage-style frames with a cat-eye shape or frames that have a refined retro feel. You can experiment with colour with this optical collection. Have fun with candy-colours and pastel hues, or chill out with muted shades of brown and black. The optical collection is produced and distributed by the Safilo Group. Safilo is one of the leading optical manufacturers in Europe. They are the only company to possess the official licensing agreement with Marc Jacobs eyewear.