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  • LINDBERG Glasses

    The Danish royal family, politicians, business tycoons, and high-profile celebrities are your typical LINDBERG customers. With 53 design awards including the prestigious Silmo Gold award, this award-winning Danish company is undoubtedly the best of the best.
    Please Note: In order to provide the best service and guidance in your purchase of new LINDBERG frames, the frames are only for sale in our physical stores. Please contact us via phone on 0208 987 2408 or email info@fashioneyewear.co.uk to talk to our Lindberg specialist.


  • Lindberg Glasses | Lindberg Prescription Glasses

    LINDBERG Optik & The Air Titanium

    In 1969, Hanne and Paul Lindberg established LINDBERG Optik in Denmark. Their innovative designs and genius ideas brought them a lot of fame and success.

    They were the inventors of the first Air Titanium frames which resulted in a revolutionary change in the eyewear industry. The Air Titanium frames were made to be incredibly versatile; meaning it can be adjusted specifically to the user requirements. It’s also incredibly lightweight and extremely strong, so investing in LINDBERG frames are most definitely a benefit. The company’s biggest achievement was being granted the royal warrant by the Danish court. HM Queen Margethe II of Denmark and HRH Henrik of Denmark are usually seen wearing of the LINDBERG Air Titanium frames.

    Lindberg Eyewear

    Every frame made by the company is created by hand and can be customised to best accentuate the wearer’s facial features. Lindberg offers high-end luxury eyewear combined with simplistic beauty. Their craftsmanship is unmatched by any of the existing brands today.

    LINDBERG Precious Collection

    The LINDBERG Precious Collection is an exquisite, rare, and exclusive collection. It consists of some of the finest, exclusive materials sourced from the world. In December 2011, the collection was showcased in India. The pieces from the collection are typically made from 24 carat solid gold and encrusted with dazzling diamonds, or made using organic materials such as buffalo horn, mammoth tusk and musk ox.

    However it was LINDBERG's “The Eye” model that stole the limelight. “The Eye” was created by using 18 princess cut diamonds and one rose-cut diamond as the centrepiece. This is the most expensive piece in the collection. Due to its extreme exclusivity, the Precious collection is only available at a specially-selected stores across the world.

    There are several hundred LINDBERG stores and high end fashion shops selling Lindberg across the globe including in the fashion centre cities; London, Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo. Even some of today’s biggest stars have chosen LINDBERG frames, including; Bill Gates, Ross Brown, Elton John, Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones. The LINDBERG frames are increasingly popular as they are designed to sustain comfort and a sleek and simple appearance. The basic designs and colours mean that it’ll go with anything in your wardrobe for any occasion possible. The colours comprise mostly of silvers, blacks and whites.

    Prescription Lenses and Coatings

    Our qualified in-house opticians can also fit your LINDBERG glasses with prescription lenses. From standard lenses to thinner and lighter lenses, there is a lens option that is right for you. For those who require varifocal lenses, most of the LINDBERG frames are suitable for varifocal prescriptions. It is advisable that you opt in for lens coatings. Lens coatings help to protect your lenses against scratches and damage. The most advanced lens coatings will also repel dirt, dust, smudges and oils from sticking onto the lenses.

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    Call us now on 0208 987 2408 to speak to any one of our friendly, qualified optical advisors or visit our London opticians in Farnborough or Hounslow.