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  • Diesel Glasses

    Diesel stands for passion, individuality and self-expression. Always outside and ahead of trends this pioneering fashion brand has evolved into an iconic global lifestyle brand on a continuous mission to experiment with new ideas, innovate and provoke.


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  • Diesel Glasses Online | Diesel Prescription Glasses

    The Brand

    Diesel was started up in 1978 which Renzo Rosso solely took over in 1985 by buying out the other partners in the company. Rosso wanted to create a brand that was innovative, creative and full of energy. The company produces clothing, accessories, and eyewear. His designs are totally unique and different to other brands; all of his designs were inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle and product innovation.

    Rosso leads the direction of fashion foreword; his pioneering styles, materials sourced, and manufacturing methods guarantee outstanding products. His unconventional methods bred a new form of fashion; one that allows individuals to express their unique personality in what they wear. Identity determines fashion, not the other way around. Diesel makes a stance with their new comeback collection of funky eyewear. The eyewear collection consists of brilliantly vintage-inspired pieces and up-to-date modern classics, all designed with a lot of “Diesel flavour”.

    Style Is Personality

    Whether you have a feminine or masculine style; there’s a design that’s bound to suit your personality and identity. Classic styles like the aviator, round, rectangle, and cat-eyes are very popular with people from all generations. Expect bold and vibrant statement colours more than toned-down muted shades. With contact lenses and laser eye surgery available; those who wear prescription eyewear may find these alternative offerings more attractive but can be more expensive than purchasing a pair of glasses.

    However, eyewear has become increasingly popular in the last decade. More and more people are buying spectacles whether they require a prescription or not. This is because glasses are now seen as a type of fashion accessory rather than a necessity. There is a demand for fashion and eye care; this is the main reason why designer eyewear is hot on the market right now. You can protect your eyes, correct your vision, and look stylish at the same time. Why would anyone say no to such a brilliant offer?

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