Blue Light

All the glasses on this page already have a blue light coating applied to the lenses, this is essential if you look at digital screens all day. Even if you don't need prescription lenses!
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  1. Tom Ford TF5528-B
    Tom Ford TF5528-B
    Was $286.00 Now $199.33
  2. Tom Ford TF5523-B
    Tom Ford TF5523-B
    Was $253.50 Now $173.33
  3. Tom Ford TF5516-B
    Tom Ford TF5516-B
    Was $292.50 Now $212.33
  4. Tom Ford TF5481-B
    Tom Ford TF5481-B
    Was $211.25 Now $153.83
  5. Tom Ford TF5479-B
    Tom Ford TF5479-B
  6. Tom Ford TF5478-B
    Tom Ford TF5478-B
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Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are now an office essential to protect your eye health. Digitalisation is a huge part of modern-day life, studies have shown we spend an average of 9 hours in front of a digital screen, whether it’s your smartphone, laptop or tablet. The blue-violet light emitted can make your eyes feel tired during the day as well as being potentially damaging in the long term. Blue light glasses have been proven to block up to 40% off the light emitted which can dramatically reduce eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, disruption of sleep, physical fatigue and watering eyes. For more information on the positive effects of blue light glasses please read our blog.