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Persol Eyewear

Company History
Persol is an Italian luxury brand and notably one of the best for optics in the eyewear industry. The brand was founded by Giuseppe Ratti in 1917. Ratti was initially the owner of Berry opticians and then began designing his own range of eyewear. The brand name derives from the Italian phrase ‘Per il sole’ meaning ‘for the sun’.

Persol Eyewear
Ratti’s own range included technically advanced glasses that were handcrafted specifically for Italian pilots and sports drivers. Both of these professions required durable, protected eyewear with optimum vision and maximum comfort. Persol eyewear exudes comfort and with the use of the highest quality materials and genius designs, strength and being lightweight is consistent throughout.

The Logo
The silver arrow is the brand’s hallmark visible in all of the brand’s eyewear. It is a functional element as it holds both the arms and lenses together from the interior. But it also is a fashionable branding as looks sleek and is instantly recognizable. The branding was first seen from the 1930-50s and is the unmistakable logo. The arrow is inspired by swords of the ancient warriors and represents strength, determination and a legacy.

Why Is Choosing Persol The Best Choice?
After Ratti’s success of Protector Glasses worn by the Italian Military aviation, the brand was recognized world-wide for producing glasses that combined both function and fashion. All of the brand’s designs are a classic with the use of simplicity and timeless colours. This makes the eyewear fashionable for any era, as well as desired by people with different styles.

Intuition and innovation are two constant factors present with Persol. The eyewear collection comes in a range of different frame styles and colours. They are adaptable to suit any face so there is bound to be a style to compliment your individual face shape. Many celebrities and Hollywood stars are fans of the Persol brand and specifically seek their eyewear for personal wear. This is because they are guaranteed to receive the finest quality, unique designs and long-lasting frames.