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Bench Eyewear

Company History
This brand started up in 1989. The company found its inspiration from the funky and vibrant city of Manchester and its culture. Contemporary ‘Madchester’ music, BMX and skateboarding influenced the urban lifestyle in the city. This youthful British brand offers a completely different style to other designer brands such as Ralph Lauren and Burberry.

The Bench company started off with developing clothing and sports accessories before it made the move into eyewear in 2004. The brand’s optical collection was launched in conjunction with Brulimar Optical Group who is the official manufacturing company of Bench eyewear.

Bench Eyewear
The Bench eyewear collection currently consists of optical frames and spectacles. Prescription lenses can be added to these glasses as well as lens coatings and tints including photochromic lenses. The eyewear collection also carries the brand’s urban flavour. Most of the Bench glasses are unisex which means both men and women can wear the spectacles without looking silly or embarrassed. Unisex spectacles also offer an added bonus of an androgynous look with the frame style.

For example, geek glasses are slightly masculine in general so this is a great style that can also be worn by women as well as men. Rectangle frame shapes are the most popular styles as voted by people who have bought designer glasses before. Investing in designer eyewear allows you to save money on your eyewear in the long run. Prescription eyewear can be expensive but by choosing a high-quality, well-made frame will save you from constant frame repairs.

The materials used during eyewear production are of a much higher quality than the materials used in cheap, high-street frames or replicas. Even though the general personality of the Bench eyewear is urban-inspired, the glasses can still be dressed-up or dressed-down to accommodate to the specific look you are going for. The possibility of being able to be versatile with eyewear is a great advantage as you can achieve as many looks as you like without your glasses holding you back from experimenting with different styles.