Ray-Ban Glasses

Ray-Ban Glasses

Undoubtedly one of the most popular brands on the eyewear market, Ray-Ban glasses are the go-to choice whether you're going for a hipster geeky look or searching for a pair of glasses that suits almost everyone. Whether it's Wayfarer shape or a more daring Aviator, you can find the classic Ray-Ban models in our optical range.

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  1. Ray-Ban New Original Wayfarer RB4340V
    Ray-Ban New Original Wayfarer RB4340V
    Was €114.00 From: €57.60
  2. Ray-Ban RB7046
    Ray-Ban RB7046
    Was €99.00 From: €54.00
  3. Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB5154
    Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB5154
    Was €123.00 From: €60.00
  4. Ray-Ban RB3447V
    Ray-Ban RB3447V
    Was €114.00 From: €57.00
  5. Ray-Ban RB7190
    Ray-Ban RB7190
    Was €108.00 From: €40.00
  6. Ray-Ban RB7159
    Ray-Ban RB7159
    Was €123.00 From: €60.00
  7. Ray-Ban RB5228
    Ray-Ban RB5228
    Was €123.00 From: €60.00
  8. Ray-Ban RB3947V
    Ray-Ban RB3947V
    Was €114.00 From: €57.00
  9. Ray-Ban Hawkeye RB5398
    Ray-Ban Hawkeye RB5398
    Was €138.00 From: €57.00
  10. Ray-Ban RB5285
    Ray-Ban RB5285
    Was €123.00 From: €62.40
  11. Ray-Ban RB5268
    Ray-Ban RB5268
    Was €99.00 From: €51.00
  12. Ray-Ban RB4323V
    Ray-Ban RB4323V
    Was €126.00 From: €54.00
  13. Ray-Ban RB7017
    Ray-Ban RB7017
    Was €123.00 From: €66.00
  14. Ray-Ban RB1971V
    Ray-Ban RB1971V
    Was €138.00 From: €57.00
  15. Ray-Ban RB7066
    Ray-Ban RB7066
    Was €99.00 From: €50.40
  16. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Metal RB3716VM
    Ray-Ban Clubmaster Metal RB3716VM
    Was €129.00 From: €66.00
  17. Ray-Ban RB4640V
    Ray-Ban RB4640V
    Was €126.00 From: €57.00
  18. Ray-Ban RB6448
    Ray-Ban RB6448
    Was €117.00 From: €60.00
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Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses

Ray-Ban is a world-renowned luxury eyewear brand that was first launched back in the 1930s, and has stood the test of time as one of the most iconic and desirable names in fashion. Today, Ray-Ban produces a full range of glasses in various frame shapes and designs. Find your perfect pair of Ray-Ban prescription glasses in the colour and style of your choice.

Choose Your Designer Glasses: Top Ray-Ban Collections

If you’re wondering which Designer Glasses will best suit your signature style, here’s the inside story on Ray-Ban’s most popular designs.


Shop the round Ray-Ban collection for the ultimate Ray-Ban hipster look. Round Metal Ray-Bans are a particularly popular choice for a classic look suiting all face shapes, and large round frames are popular among celebrities and influencers alike.


Originally released in the 80s, the Clubmaster is the retro-intellectual little brother of the edgy Wayfarer. With elegant tapering arms and gently curved lenses, Clubmaster frames are known for their retro styling, classic riveted frames and timeless design.


Ray-Ban Aviator have stood the test of time and remain one of the most iconic sunglasses shapes on the market.


Square Ray-Ban styles, such as the popular Clubmaster design, are a trendy option for different face shapes. A broad range of square Ray-Ban frames are available for prescription lenses, including frames in different colours and materials.


The Wayfarer design, originally launched in the 50s, was a revolutionary break from the metal eyewear of the past. Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses are still based on their original specification today and have been hailed as one of the most iconic accessories of the 20th century. Together with the Aviator, the Wayfarer is Ray-Ban’s top-selling design, and iterations of Wayfarers such as the Justin enjoy similar success.

Carbon Fibre/Carbon Lite:

Despite the slim appearance, these frames are anything but flimsy. They have a greater strength-to-weight ratio, and arms made from water-cut carbon sheets mixed with a special resin. This makes them flexible, lightweight and impact resistant. If you’re allergic to nickel or other metal frames, the Carbon Fibre collection could be the ideal alternative for you.

Light Ray:

This range is the newest addition to Ray-Ban’s Tech collection. The frames are even lighter than the Carbon Fibre and Carbon Lite models. They’re made using a special titanium alloy which is non-corrosive and also non-allergenic. Perfect for those who want a beautifully thin, seamless frame.

Browse our selection of Ray-Ban frames and prescription lenses online, to find your designer prescription glasses today.