Prada Glasses

Prada Glasses

Sophisticated craftsmanship, extremely modern vision of high fashion, technological design and research for creative design characterises Prada. The glasses segmentation is sophisticated and timeless.

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  1. Prada VPR15V
    Prada VPR15V
    From: CA$313.90
  2. Prada VPR10W
    Prada VPR10W
    From: CA$138.13
  3. Prada VPR06S
    Prada VPR06S
    From: CA$288.10
  4. Prada VPR01W
    Prada VPR01W
    From: CA$144.55
  5. Prada VPR64W
    Prada VPR64W
    Was CA$144.55 From: CA$144.55
  6. Prada VPR11T
    Prada VPR11T
    From: CA$322.50
  7. Prada Swing VPR15P
    Prada Swing VPR15P
    From: CA$253.70
  8. Prada Triangle VPR11R
    Prada Triangle VPR11R
    From: CA$301.00
  9. Prada VPR13T
    Prada VPR13T
    From: CA$253.70
  10. Prada VPR16M
    Prada VPR16M
    From: CA$111.82
  11. Prada VPR18O
    Prada VPR18O
    From: CA$118.35
  12. Prada VPR18T
    Prada VPR18T
    From: CA$279.50
  13. Prada VPR29R
    Prada VPR29R
    From: CA$253.70
  14. Prada VPR53U
    Prada VPR53U
    From: CA$352.60
  15. Prada VPR59U
    Prada VPR59U
  16. Prada VPR62U
    Prada VPR62U
    From: CA$404.20
  17. Prada VPR64U
    Prada VPR64U
    From: CA$326.80
  18. Prada Sport Linea Rossa VPS01L
    Prada Sport Linea Rossa VPS01L
    From: CA$227.90
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The Story

Prada was created in 1913 by Mr Mario Prada and since then, has evolved into one of the most prestigious and internationally -recognised brands in the history of fashion. The brand produces high-fashion and ready-to-wear pieces as well as accessories from handbags and rucksacks to eyewear and perfumes.

The brand’s trademarks are the Savoy coat of arms and Savoy figure-of-eight knot. These iconic logos pay tribute to the brand’s heritage as an official supplier to the former Royal family of Italy.

Prada's latest advertising campaign showcased the brand’s womenswear and accessories collection. The playful summer campaign is bright and vibrant; the contrast between the azure blue sky, clothing, and automobiles is amazing. The fashion label manages to combine together modern architecture and vintage/retro fashion to create a beautiful fusion of old and new.

The Optical Range

Sophisticated. Elegant. Refined. These are the recognisable characteristics of the company. Their strong brand identity is reflected in their prescription glasses and sunglasses. Every pair of their beautifully crafted frames pays tribute to Italian finesse and tradition.

By redefining conventional ideas, you can expect to see innovative designs that still have traditional Italian roots. As the world advances, so does the technology in the optical industry. Prada stays ahead of changes by setting new ones.

The 'typical' consumer will be someone who is modern, sophisticated, and attuned to stylistic innovations. Expect to see craftsmanship of the highest standard in every product.

Advice On Lens Choices

Most of the optical frames can be fitted with standard 1.5 lenses as the collection offers a wide range of fully rimmed frames sturdy enough to support these lenses. If you decide to go for a semi-rimless/rimless frame why not go for 1.6 lenses or higher? These are up to 35% thinner and up to 40% lighter than standard lenses.

You can add photochromic tints (lenses that lighten/darken according to sunlight exposure) and it's always recommended to add lens coatings to give your lenses the best protection.