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5 tips to protect your eyes from the sun

5 tips to protect your eyes from the sun

‘It is important to protect your skin from the sun!’ this message has been drummed into us time and time again, but the other, equally truthful message we should be hearing is ‘It is important to protect your EYES from the sun!’ Exposing your eyes to UV rays is extremely dangerous. In fact, ophthalmologists (eye doctors) have warned us that prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to eye diseases such as cataracts and even cancer.

Unfortunately however, the latter message tends to slip by us on an odd frequency… have you heard it?

If you have then maybe you’ll be clued up on how to give your eyes the protection they need from those harmful, and plentiful, UV rays – come rain or shine. But, if the latter message did happen to reach you on an odd, hard to discern frequency, then look no further. Below you’ll discover 5 tips to protect your eyes from the sun:

pexels-photo-58592-large1. Hats

Hats can be fabulous fashion accessories – and they can also serve a purpose. Wide brimmed hats can shield your eyes from those harmful UV rays.

2. Knowledge

UV rays can penetrate our eyes even when the sun is nestled conspicuously behind a sheet of clouds. No matter the time of the year, when outside UV rays can harm your eyes, so although it may seem a little extreme, you should never really leave your house without a pair of shades and a trusty oversized hat!

3. Contact Lenses

Good new for those of you who choose to don contacts: some contact lenses actually provide UV protection for your eyes. To get the best protection, look for contact lenses with class one blockers.

4. Never look directly at the sun

The sun may appear to be a captivating foreign entity, but staring directly at it can cause damage to your retinas through solar radiation. You can bask in the suns warmth, but try to refrain from damaging your eyes by resting them upon it.

5. Sunglasses

We have a lot of choice when it comes to sunglasses, so it can be difficult to make the right choice when it comes to protecting your eyes. Make sure to get sunglasses that transmit a maximum of one percent UVA and UVB. Get big lenses too, because the bigger the lenses the less sunlight that can seep in through the sides. Can’t decide which ones to buy? Check out our full range of sunglasses handcrafted by the most popular designers.