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    We might be biased, but eyewear is the ultimate statement accessory that you must invest in if you class yourself as a fashion addict. A pair of glasses can transform an outfit, making a simple jeans and top look effortlessly in style by adding a pair of statement shades.  There are a number of quirky trends out for this year, a few you will have seen before and some new styling which you wouldn’t have believed last year you’d want to follow. We have you covered though, so whatever trend you are loving this year you can shop at Fashion Eyewear. AVIATOR A style which never goes out of fashion,…

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    Why Shop Chloe Eyewear?

    The History of Chloe  French Fashion house Chloe was originally founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. This leading luxury brand has remained at the top of the fashion hierarchy since it was first created. Gaby Aghion combined modern femininity and boho chic in an innovative Parisian style.   Born in 1921, Gaby Aghion moved to Paris in 1945, bringing luxury ready-to- wear with her. Ready-to-wear wasn’t available in the 1950’s, instead the rich bought new clothes from haute couture tailors and the less wealthy had local seamstresses to copy the luxury trends. Gaby Aghion brought the ‘luxury pret-a-porter’ (luxury ready-to-wear) to Paris creating a new shopping experience.  Chloe has seen some…