Prada Sunglasses

Prada Sunglasses

The Italian brand has been setting the trends for over 100 years, since the first shop was opened by Mario Prada in Milan. Rare and valuable materials used in their designs and the sophisticated manufacturing process makes Prada sunglasses the go-to brand for those in search of luxury goods with an Italian sense of style.

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  1. Prada SPR16R
    Prada SPR16R
    Was A$339.50 From: A$184.30
  2. Prada SPR01V
    Prada SPR01V
    Was A$373.45 From: A$192.22
  3. Prada SPR08O
    Prada SPR08O
    Was A$334.65 From: A$192.22
  4. Prada SPR09W
    Prada SPR09W
    Was A$228.87 From: A$176.06
  5. Prada SPR02X
    Prada SPR02X
    Was A$349.20 From: A$192.22
  6. Prada SPR18W
    Prada SPR18W
    Was A$192.22 From: A$192.22
  7. Prada SPR04W
    Prada SPR04W
    Was A$392.85 From: A$182.60
  8. Prada L Metal SPR51O
    Prada L Metal SPR51O
    Was A$402.55 From: A$231.18
  9. Prada SPR52P
    Prada SPR52P
    Was A$334.65 From: A$213.40
  10. Prada SPR53S
    Prada SPR53S
    Was A$426.80 From: A$258.67
  11. Prada SPR62T
    Prada SPR62T
    Was A$363.75 From: A$231.18
  12. Prada SPR66T
    Prada SPR66T
    Was A$552.90 From: A$284.54
  13. Prada Triangle SPR32P
    Prada Triangle SPR32P
    Was A$324.95 From: A$184.30
  14. Prada Minimal Baroque SPR27N
    Prada Minimal Baroque SPR27N
    Was A$334.65 From: A$223.10
  15. Prada SPR68T
    Prada SPR68T
    Was A$514.10 From: A$227.95
  16. Prada SPR57U
    Prada SPR57U
    Was A$552.90 From: A$263.52
  17. Prada SPR55U
    Prada SPR55U
    Was A$421.95 From: A$234.41
  18. Prada SPR16U
    Prada SPR16U
    Was A$334.65 From: A$213.40
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About The Brand
The brand was originally founded by Mario Prada in 1913. It is one of the most prestigious and internationally recognised brands in this present day. The Savoy coat of arms and Savoy figure-of-eight knot are the brand's trademarks.

The trademarks pay homage to the brand’s heritage as an official supplier to the former Italian Royal family. ‘Made In Italy’ is always printed on every Prada product as the brand is proud of its heritage, its culture, tradition, and quality. Everything about Prada is Italian; from the materials sourced to the production workers and manufacturers.

Eyewear Collection
Prada is also well known for its innovative style and approach; its campaigns are fun and vibrant, its designs are modern and stylish. The brand’s eyewear collection shows off sophistication, modernity, and innovation.

If you want a frame that’s different then look no other. Below are some of the latest models from the collection. You’ll be spoilt for choice with colours, frame shapes and styles.

Folding Sunglasses
These folding sunglasses are a great model. Not only are they compact, they are very modern with their good looks. The innovative oversized squared frame will be a definite hit with all the fashionistas and trendsetters.

Illusion Sunglasses
Pretty and playful, the idea to create these oversized frames that slightly resemble ski goggles is refreshing and fun. The softer pastel shades enhances a woman’s femininity while the darker tones create a dramatic, futuristic look.

Baroque Sunglasses
Created as a limited edition, the baroque collection demonstrates how fun and innovative the brand can be. The ultra stylish collection pays tribute to colour, fun and above all, originality.

Postcards Sunglasses
These postcards sunglasses are unique in their design and style. The models have a retro shape and the transparent coloured frame really enhances its vintage appeal.