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Need Help?
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Fashion Eyewear has just launched their new one hour in-store lens cutting service <br/ > to new and existing customers at our West London store.<br/ ><br/ > About the service<br/ > Using the latest and most advanced glazing technology currently available on the market;<br/ > our expert lab technicians will be able to cut any type of lenses for all prescriptions from<br/ > single vision to varifocals in just an hour. This means you can grab a coffee and something <br/ > to eat then come back an hour later to pick up your brand new glasses fitted with your prescription <br/ > lenses, ready for you to wear.<br/ ><br/ > Don’t worry if your frames are curved or if they have an unusual shape as our new state-of-the-art<br/ > Glazing equipment can accommodate to lenses for all different frame styles no matter how large, <br/ > small or curved they are.<br/ ><br/ > <br/ ><br/ > What are the benefits of this service?<br/ > There are many benefits to using our one hour in-store service:<br/ > • There are no additional costs for this service <br/ > • This service is available for both new and existing customers<br/ > • A shorter waiting time as you don’t have to wait at home up to two weeks for your glasses<br/ > • Our state-of-the-art glazing equipment can cut any type of lens including for varifocal glasses<br/ > • It’s suitable for all frame settings; fully-rimmed, semi-rimless (supra), and rimless no matter <br/ > how large or small the frames are<br/ ><br/ > <br/ ><br/ > What to do next?<br/ > If you would like to experience our new and exciting service, simply pop in to see us <br/ > at our London store based in Chiswick. You can have a look at our extensive collection <br/ > of designer glasses and sunglasses as well as get friendly and helpful <br/ > advice from our in-house qualified optical assistants.<br/ ><br/ > If you book in to see one of our prescription experts, we guarantee that you will <br/ > receive the complete optical experience from an initial consultation and eye test <br/ > to picking out a frame that’s right for you. <br/ ><br/ ><br/ >