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Tom Davies Frames | Tom Davies Spectacles

Tom Davies is an exclusive, luxury designer eyewear brand that specialises in bespoke eyewear. The company was founded in 2002 by designer Tom Davies after he discovered that there was a niche market available for bespoke eyewear and this was something people were definitely after. Tom tested the demand of the market by trialling out on families and friends first. The concept of the company was to develop a relationship with the wearer and create glasses to suit the wearer, and not force the wearer to conform to the glasses like standard glasses do.

In 2008, the designer opened up his own eyewear manufacturing company and launched his exclusive, self-titled eyewear brand. Tom Davies Frames can be made from three types of materials; premium cotton acetate, titanium metal, or buffalo horn. The premium quality acetate is derived from the finest cotton flowers picked at a time when the flowers are at their best. Titanium is a great metal to use as it is extremely light yet incredibly strong. Buffalo horn is a rare but very luxurious natural material that can be used to make glasses and sunglasses.

All three materials are gentle to the skin and are non-allergenic. Titanium does not react to oxygen which makes it a non-reactive metal. Only the most prestigious, luxury eyewear brands will produce eyewear using buffalo horn. All of the glasses and sunglasses are handmade. Every joint, screw, temple stem and nose pad are put together meticulously by highly skilled artisans. Specific measurements are calculated by eyewear experts to ensure that wearers receive the ultimate level of comfort and fit from their bespoke eyewear.

To ultimately personalise your unique glasses, the brand offers an additional service for laser engravings. You can etch your name, favourite word or phrase on to the arms of your Tom Davies frames. The initial launch of the eyewear in 2002 was such a huge success beyond belief. People were queuing up on the waiting list for up to 12 months just to get their hands on a pair of unique Tom Davies spectacles, made just for them. This shows that there was indeed a demand for bespoke, hand-made designer frames. The latest collection of Tom Davies eyewear is now available at Fashion Eyewear London.