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Starck Frames | Starck Spectacles

Starck Frames have been on the optical market since 1996. The man behind the brand, Philippe Starck, teamed up with the Alain Mikli Group who produced Starck Eyes as part of a joint partnership. The frames by Starck are innovative, revolutionary and totally unconventional. Starck frames can bend and flex easier than a lot of standard designer frames. The screwless hinges on the frame arms have been designed a certain way so that the glasses can mimic the movement of the joints in the human body.

The temple stems can be bent outwards, twisted, and even folded. The beauty of the Starck spectacles is due to the seamless design of the frames. The metal and acetate materials used to craft the eyewear have a smooth surface finish which complements the overall look of the glasses. If you are someone who loves ethical goods that also look good as well as function well, then you will fall in love with this brand and their eyewear. All of the acetate frames in the brand's eyewear collection is made from an organic source.

When buying your Starck glasses online you need to make sure that you have the correct measurements. Starck eyewear is a luxury brand that combines value for money with standards of quality. Philippe aims to make his products available to all residents with household income. He developed numerous inventions that can helped to contribute to making the world a greener place. Philippe is also well known for developing eco-friendly concepts in buildings such as hotels and restaurants.

Every pair of designer frames that need prescription lenses should always be tried on first. You can pop into Fashion Eyewear's London store to try on your designer glasses and sunglasses. It is advisable that you also think about upgrading to a better lens material, and always opt in for lens coatings. Lens coatings help to protect your lenses against scratches and damage. The most advanced lens coatings will also repel dirt, dust, smudges and oils from sticking onto the lenses.