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Ray Ban Frames | Ray Ban Spectacles

One paramount manufacturer of eyewear is Ray Ban. It was founded in 1936 by Bausch and Lomb, the creators of designs that have now become icons in eyewear.

The products of this leading brand were produced primarily for The United States Army due to the lack of eye protection available. With growing success, they created a Ray Ban frames line; which are just as fantastic as the already popular sunglasses collection. The soldiers in the Air Force had difficulties seeing during flight and gained extensive damage from the sun. Bausch and Lomb were contacted by Lieutenant John A.

Macready who complained that his eyes were permanently damaged after an air balloon flight. He requested for them to produce sunglasses that would protect his eyes and also look aesthetically pleasing. What Bausch and Lomb produced were exactly what he was looking for and it was soon adapted by almost the entirety of the Air Force. The Ray Ban Aviator and the Ray Ban Wayfarer are the two most popular style sunglasses and Ray Ban varifocals have been worn by both men and women to this day.

Celebrities and big names such as; Kate Moss, Pippa Middleton, Julia Roberts and George Michael have chosen Ray Ban for their eyewear. Ray Ban later started to produce durable Ray Ban spectacles, usually made of carbon fibre, for the mass market. They are strong, lightweight, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, corrosion resistant and very stylish. The frames designs are simple yet very eye-catching and suited to all face shapes and sizes. The designs tend to appeal to both younger and older generations.