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Ralph Lauren Frames | Ralph Lauren Spectacles

Businessman and fashion designer Ralph Lauren launched his first store in 1967 selling neckties under the brand name Polo.

Soon after, he expanded his expertise into designing menswear, womens wear, accessories and fashion eyewear. His classic designs were a hit and a necessity to every fashion conscious wardrobe. His newly designed and developed Ralph Lauren frames and sunglasses caught the attention of the mass market with its flashy and memorable styles. With increasing success, Ralph Lauren opened over 50 boutiques across the world and brought fame to his unique brand.

Some of the big names wearing Ralph Lauren spectacles include; Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Ashton Kutcher and Chad Michael Murray. The sleek and comfortable designs of the eyewear have added to its increasing success. Most of the designs are simple and refined, making the suitable for both casual every day wear and occasion wear. The clean cut appearance made available in several colours has attracted men and women of both the younger and older generation. Investing in Ralph Lauren varifocals and sunglasses have numerous benefits.

Apart from the fact that they look gorgeous on people with varying face shapes and sizes, they are made to improve vision correction and protection. Each pair is crafted under strict quality control, hence making them reliable and high quality products. They are lightweight, fashionable and long lasting, so there should never be any uncertainty when purchasing Ralph Lauren products.