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Persol Frames | Persol Spectacles

The name Persol derives from, "per il sole" which, in Italian, means "for the sun". The functional and stylish glasses were founded by Giuseppe Ratti in 1917, catering originally for pilots and sports drivers.

The unique designs and attractive shades and colours on the frames appeal to every generation of both sexes. Their newly launched Persol spectacles collections are also incredibly original and striking in appearance, adding to the already increasing fame Persol has gained over the years. Persol eyewear is designed to enhance comfort and sustain quality. They are recognizable by the silver arrow logo usually adorned on the arm of the frames. All eyewear by Persol are hand crafted and are incredibly high in quality, style and durability.

The lenses in Persol frames are made from optical tempered glass which increases clarity in vision. Investing in a pair of Persol frames is to invest in the care and protection of your vision. Several famous names have chosen Persol for their eyewear, including the prominent Steve McQueen, who specifically promoted the special edition eyewear that can, for the first time in eyewear, fold up to become pocket sized. The line is also named after him, unquestionably increasing the popularity of the brand. Other big names wearing Persol are; Orlando Bloom, Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone and Charlie Sheen. Persol varifocals and sunglasses are undoubtedly a superb investment for your vision.

The excellent raw material used in the manufacture of the eyewear adds to the durability, long life span and quality of the final product. Persol frames will help correct your vision and protect your eyes, so rest assured they will fulfill your specific requirements and be a product worth purchasing.