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Paul Smith Frames | Paul Smith Spectacles

Sir Paul Smith received his knighthood in 2000, for his success in fashion, in particular menswear, which has lasted for over four decades. His personality and personal style are portrayed through his fashion lines with a mix of Britishness and colourful twist. The man himself is traditional and likes to use simple masculine lines but with a bit of humour, this is where the sudden quirk comes in.

Menswear can be seen as restricting but Smith successfully allows a bit of personality to show. For example, colourful stripes which is what the brand is known for and recognised for. Smith was not afraid to use pink for men, normally seen as a feminine colour, and somehow it worked. The brand borders in-between commercial and high end brands. Remaining affordable but with a sense of class.

Products are produced in England and Italy, where the finest materials are used. The brand wholesales to 66 countries and has 17 shops in England. Paul Smith to this day is still involved with designing and the business side of his company. The stores themselves are popular because so much attention is given to them and he is also involved with the layout of the stores. To date, the brand has 14 different collections including accessories, fragrances and even rugs.

In 1994 the spectacles were launched. Oliver Peoples the prestigious and globally known eyewear brand are a proud Global Licensee for Paul Smith’s eyewear collection. The frames and spectacles are practical but also have a fun edge. Some of the designs will have the multistripe colourful signature which is part of the detailing and style but also shows its authenticity. Each pair of frames is unique to the wearer choosing from different shapes and colours. They are a whimsical classic.