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Oliver Peoples Frames | Oliver Peoples Spectacles

Larry Leight and Dennis Leight, who are brothers, opened their first optical boutique in 1986. The brothers bought their first collection of vintage eyewear frames and signed their receipt under the name ‘Oliver Peoples’. So when the duo decided to release their own collection of frames and spectacles a year after, they felt that is was only right to use the name for their brand. Oliver Peoples frames are significantly different to any other optical model out there.

The brand is unique and totally distinctive; by getting rid of the entire ridiculous labelling which most designer brands love to do, Oliver Peoples spectacles become almost anonymous. Only those who are loyal to the brand or people who are familiar with the brand’s extremely subtle symbols and styles will recognise who the frame is made by. Another great benefit of the company’s products is that all of the eyewear has names instead of numbers so you can ask for a Peoples frame specifically by name.

Earlier this year, the brand teamed up with actress Zooey Deschanel for her second short film titled “Catch a Tuesday”. The brand even dedicated a beautiful frame in her name. The collections of optical glasses are cool and quirky but also stylish and sophisticated. Whether you are into retro-inspired designs or prefer a modern take on retro designs, there’s a frame in this collection for you.

Oliver Peoples is a high-end brand that is only available at prestigious online and high street retailers. The brand’s optical collection consists of a small amount of models. Why create several models of similar-looking frames when you can create fewer unique models that will appeal to different people? To get the best deal on your designer eyewear, shop the online collection at FashionEyewear.co.uk.