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Dsquared Frames | Dsquared Spectacles

Dsquared, sometimes styled as DSquared2, are a fashion brand started by Dean and Dan Caten, identical twin brothers from Canada.

The brothers studied fashion at the world famous Parsons The New School for Design in New York, before quitting to return home to Toronto. Only a few short years later, they found a financial backer to fund their own womens clothing range, called DEanDAN. They then moved to Ports International as creative directors for the company, vastly improving its clothing range to bring it forward to a younger generation.

The brothers next move was across the world to Milan, Italy, where they worked for the House of Gianni Versace, one of the world’s best known and most high end brands. At the same time they also began working for Diesel jeans. The money they earned from Diesel went towards starting their own label, Dsquared2.

Dsquared are a fashion house, known for their young and innovative designs. They produce clothing, accessories and fragrances. Most recently, they have extended their line to include glasses after a deal was made in 2009 with the Marcolin group.

The Dsquared ophthalmic glasses range is unlike any other brand. The glasses are characterised by a young and fashion forward feel, bold designs and unique shapes. The idea of the range is to create high end fashion in an otherwise ordinary product. The haute couture feel of these glasses makes them stand out from the crowd, and makes the wearer look like they’ve just stepped off a Milan catwalk.

Dsquared are one of the lesser known brands amongst the general public, but within the fashion forward crowd they are at the top. The design of Dsquared spectacles are more varied than some other brands. The range includes many masculine shapes and styles in a very female dominated market. Men can finally buy glasses that offer style as well as comfort. There are also feminine shapes for women.