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Bvlgari Frames | Bvlgari Spectacles

Sotirio Voulgaris is the Greek founder of the now famous Bvlgari – otherwise known as Bulgari. Although the company initially started up manufacturing quality jewellery products, it is now also well known for its watches, fragrances and accessories.

Their products became increasingly celebrated and were adorned by the royalty and wealthy people of their time. Most celebrated were some of their Bvlgari frames and sunglasses lines with its bold and original designs. The company’s success allowed them international expansion, where they were able to open boutiques in New York, Paris, London, Geneva and Monte Carlo.

Their unique and luxurious designs have helped them to open the 290 stores they now have worldwide. The company’s distinctive designs also appear in their eyewear collection, which is undoubtedly as magnificent and attractive as their jewellery line. Several of the jewellery embellishments and patterns have been implemented onto the temples of sunglasses and spectacles, giving it an expensive and high quality appearance. The Bvlgari frames are strong, sleek, beautifully made and an investment to the wearer. Each spectacle is carefully crafted to the wearer’s specific requirements.

With several thousand varying models to choose from, there is something for everyone in the Bvlgari spectacles collection. There are numerous benefits in purchasing Bvlgari varifocals and sunglasses. They improve the accuracy of vision correction, protect your eyes from UV rays and look fabulous on the wearer. With their timeless and attractive designs, there is no opportunity for uncertainty of the quality and the reliability of the Bvlgari lines.