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  • Tom Davies Glasses

    Tom Davies glasses is like no other, as it is perfectly made to measure, handcrafted to fit you. If you're frustrated by the limited commercial eyewear designs, these custom-made frames are made for you.
    Please note: we only ship Tom Davies products within the UK.

Tom Davies

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Showing 1 - 18 of 70 items
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  • Tom Davies Glasses Online | Tom Davies Prescription Glasses


    British designer Tom Davies, drew inspiration for his innovative idea of Bespoke (custom-made eyewear), whilst being frustrated by the limited commercial eyewear designs, offered by the mass market. He initially made glasses for numerous famous brands in China and what stuck out with him is that all of the eyewear was the same and ordinary. Tom Davies believes that eyewear should be handcrafted individually for every unique wearer. Everyone has an original face/head shape and for a product that is so important, such as eyewear, it should be comfortable and stylish to suit your indiviual needs and demands.

    Bespoke Eyewear

    Tom Davies glasses is like no other, as it is perfectly made to measure, to fit you. Their exclusive glasses come in different material options to suit your preference. Options include cotton acetate, titanium and natural buffalo horn. Buffalo horn is a unique and natural product that is lighter than acetate, more gentle and allergy safe. 79% of cotton acetate is used in the acetate frames and is hand polished to a high quality.

    Couture Eyewear

    There is a couture option that allows the shape to match natural lines of your face at a micro level. Tom Davies has also launched his own series of a limited edition collection within his line. Creativity ensures there are new styles on a weekly basis and the brand remains exclusive; so limit the number of each model made to 50-100 only. The brand has fans all over the world and the eyewear is produced in a short amount of time; regardless of where you are located in the world.

    Why Is Tom Davies An Exclusive Choice?

    Both style and comfort are seen as essentials in all of the designs. These are luxury materials that are durable and long-lasting. With your personal style, precise measurements and the design team’s excellent craftsmanship, the outcomes are pieces of art and one-of-a-kind. As if these glasses were not unique enough, there is chance to have your name laser engraved, on the interior of the frame, which makes them exclusive for you.

    Davies has been designing eyewear for his entire career. But in 2000, he made eyewear specifically for his friends and family, who expressed that the glasses fitted them perfectly. In 2002, he started his business and in 2008 he made his own workshop, that offered Bespoke together with high end opticians. Many boutique opticians retail his ready-to-wear eyewear and each year the brand is becoming increasingly popular. Fashion Eyewear are now one of the exclusive boutique opticians to offer Tom Davies glasses.

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