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  • Police Glasses

    The Police brand name is an expression of recognisability, of uniqueness, of the celebration of self. The emotion and culture of its time embodies a style to be followed, that inevitably triggers a trend.


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Showing 1 - 18 of 21 items
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  • Police glasses


    The optical line from Police was created after the sunglasses came out. The brand has allowed themselves to experience with designs and frame details before foraying into lenses and creating eyewear for everyday wear. Our catalogue of Police glasses includes square and rectangular shapes that are suited to most face shapes making it one of the most versatile collections of frames that we have.

    If you like simple style and having the freedom to choose what you like on a day to day basis and want flexible frames to go along with your spontaneous choices, then investing your pair of Police spectacles will do you good. They are budget friendly with carefully made frames that are polished expertly and put through quality checks before they reach you.

    Most of the frames are also unisex which means they will not look too masculine on feminine faces or too feminine on masculine faces. There is room to have a nice look as well as be versatile with your style. For women who like the androgynous look with frames that add a little edge to their style then Police glasses are where you want to look for your next pair of optical frames. Traditionally Italian with a spunky European edge, Police glasses are a classic redefined to fit the 21st century fashion standards, have a peak!
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