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Tom Ford Eyewear

Brand History
Tom Ford is a relatively new brand that has made a firm mark in the fashion industry. The brand was founded in 2004 and is the only designer brand within the fashion market, in the last half century, to be as successful as it is. Though it has not existed as long as the fashion houses in competition, it is a worthy competitor, if not more threatening, as the contemporary look is a breath of fresh air.

The genius behind the brand has had tons of experience, in the fashion industry, working for the top luxury brands known world-wide. Tom Ford’s work history speaks for itself. In 1990, he transformed Gucci, where he worked as a designer and creative director for a decade. He was responsible for the collaboration with YSL, Balenciaga and many other luxury brands.

Tom Ford Eyewear
After departing from the Gucci Group and setting up the Tom Ford business, he soon decided he wanted to expand. The beauty and eyewear was launched in 2005 and is the most successful lines for the brand. Both the beauty and eyewear range rank in the top three brands at speciality stores worldwide.

Tom ford eyewear is favoured by many Hollywood celebrities and features in lots of high-end magazines. The designs are unique and range from different materials, shapes and colours. The well-known and sleek logo is placed on the hinge section that continues onto the front of the frames in a T-bar shape.

Ford is known for being a perfectionist. Each and every one of his eyewear products are hand-made with extraordinary eye for detail. The impeccable quality and stylish designs are current and one of a kind. The brand effortlessly breathes a combination of sexy, fashion forward and timeless designs.