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Tom Davies Eyewear

Brand History
Tom Davies is a British brand that is popular world-wide. The eyewear can be made and delivered to wherever you are located in the world. The brand officially launched in 2008 but Davies, founder of the brand, has had optical experience for several years. Tom Davies retails in his own workshop but the eyewear is also retailed in special eyewear boutiques and high end optical stores.

Tom Davies is an expert in the optical industry and has built his career in working with creating frames that perfectly fit and is comfortable for someone’s individual face shape. The quality of each pair speaks for itself as the range of cotton acetate or durable metals is long-lasting and extremely comfortable.

Tom Davies Eyewear
Tom Davies was frustrated with what commercial eyewear had to offer and his friends and family encouraged him to design his own collection that would put what people needed first. Each and every item is handcrafted and the Bespoke range is custom made to fit in with your requirements.

Another reason as to why Tom Davies eyewear is becoming increasingly popular is because of the unique style of all of the eyewear. There is a range of stylish frames from different colours, shapes and materials so there is a bound to be an option for you. The eyewear is made for your precise measurements and involves rare designs so they really are one of a kind. Another unique feature is that there is a chance to have your name embossed on the interior of the temple arms which make them even more special and personal.

Why Choose Tom Davies Eyewear?
Tom Davies eyewear resembles nothing else in the industry and always exceeds customer's expectations. The materials used and exquisite attention to detail sets the brand apart from what other luxury eyewear brands have to offer. Prices are retailed at a luxury high-end starting point but the wearer receives value for money as it is guaranteed to last you a long time. Additionally, it is custom made for you and with all of the intricate attention to detail, high standard and quality control it is a reasonable price.