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Swarovski Eyewear

Brand History
Swarovski has a strong and highly reputable legacy. The brand was founded over a century ago and specializes in crystals. The Austrian brand roots back to Daniel Swarovski; who was born into a family of glass cutters and his father owned of a small glass factory. Daniel served as an apprentice in his early years, with his father, where he soon became an expert in glass cutting.

In 1892 he patented an electric cutting machine which produced crystal glass. Three years later, he was financed by Armand Kosman and Franz Weis, in order for the Swarovski company to be created. In 1988, the brand’s Swan logo was seen and now remains to be the signature hallmark, which is placed on every product.

The brand has different collections ranging from glass sculptures, home décor, jewellery, light installations and eyewear. Swarovski are the world’s leading producer of cut crystal and genuine gemstones. Many leading international designers and luxury labels contribute and collaborate with the brand for their own products.

Swarovski Eyewear
The eyewear launched in 2011 and was an instant success. The richness of expression from the cultural heritage of Central Europe shines throughout their glasses and sunglasses collection. The fusion of art, science and technology, with captivating creativity and originality, makes them timeless and unique. Swarovski combine state-of-the-art optics with their innovative designing skills to create elegant eyewear.

The brand has a fresh and modern look on all of their luxury designs. Their designs take advantage of pure lines and are an assortment of metal and acetate. A wide variety of colours, materials and crystal accent or prisms are intricately handcrafted together. Frames are a blend of vintage Hollywood glamour and a twist of modern urban chic. The designs are finished off with the strong silhouette of the swan signature which is recognised world-wide.