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Prada Sport Eyewear

Brand Overview
The Prada Sport brand is a sports-inspired label that roots back to the prestigious designer brand; Prada. Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of the founder of the brand and the current Creative Director of Prada, founded the sports and leisure-wear line in 1997. The collection is where high fashion meets sports and function.

Prada Sport is now called Prada Linea Rossa but is more reocognised as Prada Sport. The instantly recognizable logo is an eye-catching line of bright red with the name engraved next to it. The brand has a very masculine and cutting-edge yet comfortable sports feel to it. The range includes casual and active wear, accessories and eyewear.

Prada Sport Eyewear
Prada Sport eyewear reflects the line’s image of masculinity and sport. The eyewear is hugely popular as the art of fashion and function is effortlessly combined. There is a mixture of classic shapes such as visors, oversized aviators and classic wraparound styles, that are all equally popular with men.

Why Choose Prada Sport?
The quality of materials used and innovative designs ensure that each and every customer’s expectations are exceeded. A factor that is prominent throughout is durability in all of the brand’s eyewear. The glasses and sunglasses are able to endure great physical impact and are extremely long-lasting. This is very important when purchasing eyewear, especially designer eyewear, that is retailed that much more than ordinary frames.

The wearer will receive their money’s worth as they are less likely to break in comparison to other frames. Additionally, they are very comfortable to wear whatever your chosen activity. Eyewear is needed to assist your visual aid, look great but also not irritate the wearer as they are normally worn daily for long periods of time.

Prada Sport offers a wide variety of colours, patterns and sizes so there is bound to be an option for you. Prada Sport has its own look within its own right and celebrates almost a decade of success. The brand is retailed world-wide and is worn by a lot of celebrities and professional athletes.