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Paul Smith Eyewear

British Heritage
Sir Paul Smith was knighted by the Queen in the year 2000. He was given recognition for his designs which portray the British heritage perfectly. In 1976, Smith had his own menswear fashion show, where his personality was expressed throughout the collection. Smith is a proud British man, who embraces the classic and conventional look, but adds a twist of humour, with a little oddity, within the designs.

Brand History
Paul Smith designs can be recognized instantly as personality, with a blend of tradition, is always present in the designs. The price ranges from commercial to high end prices, so there is something for everyone. The brand has now extended from menswear, to a total of 14 different collections, including women’s, kids; home, accessories and fragrances. There are stores all over the world and the brand is recognized world-wide for its Englishness.

Paul Smith Eyewear
In 1994, Paul Smith worked with the prestigious eyewear brand Oliver Peoples who are the proud Global Licensee for Paul Smith eyewear. The whimsical yet classic designs are incorporated within the brand’s eyewear. The whimsical touch is in the use of quirky colours or patterns. Paul Smith is well-known for never being afraid to use pinks and purples for men.

Signature Logo
The multistripe signature is normally used in the hinge section and for both the interior and exterior of the temple arms of the eyewear. The striped signature is featured on a lot of the brand’s collections including the men’s shirts where it was first seen.

Why Choose Paul Smith?
The brand breathes simplicity in all of the designs and this makes them timeless. There is a wide range of colours, styles, frame shapes for both men and women. Working with the well-known eyewear brand Oliver Peoples guarantees the best quality of materials and lenses. Optical experts ensure the glasses have perfect optical alignment and the sunglasses provide optimum sun protection. The eyewear is durable and long-lasting, as well as lightweight, which means that they are comfortable to wear. Paul Smith then comes in with his unique designing process and the complete eyewear has the perfect combination of function and fashion.