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Marc Jacobs Eyewear

Company History
Marc Jacobs was studying at the Parsons School of Design in New York when he won the Design Student of the Year award in 1984. While at Parsons, Jacobs started up his designed his first collection and also sold his first line of knitted sweaters. Marc Jacobs was the youngest designer to be awarded the US fashion industry’s highest attribute, the Perry Ellis award for “New Fashion Talent” in 1987 which was only shortly after he won his Parsons award.

Marc Jacobs was the new designer that every high-profile person wanted to know about. He became arguably the most influencing fashion designer in the world. His self-titled fashion label, Marc Jacobs International Company was founded in 1993. His long list of celebrity friends includes the likes of Victoria Beckham and Kirsten Dunst. His fashion muse at the time was the beautiful and talented, Sofia Coppola.

Marc By Marc Jacobs
The brand became extremely successful with their label that a sister company was set up in 2001 called Marc by Marc Jacobs (MMJ). This secondary line focuses on perfumes and fragrances as well as accessories such as scarves, handbags and eyewear. The Marc by Marc Jacobs range appeals to a smaller market than the main line, Marc Jacobs. Unlike the primary Marc Jacobs line which has a sophisticated and mature aura, the MMJ line has a younger, fresh and playful personality which appeals more to young fashionistas and budding trend-setters.

Marc Jacobs Eyewear
Both lines offer a selection of prescription glasses and sunglasses. However, depending on what style you are looking for will determine which eyewear brand is right for you. Marc Jacobs glasses and sunglasses have an immaculate look. There is a lot of attention focused on the detailing and the craftsmanship of the eyewear. This brand has a more refined image which is emphasized by the sophisticated look and design of the eyewear. For vintage-inspired designs in cool, quirky colours or patterns, opt for the Marc by Marc Jacobs eyewear collection. Marc by Marc Jacobs eyewear was inspired by the cosmopolitan New York lifestyle so expect to see many bright frames and the latest eyewear trends.