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Gucci Eyewear

Company History
The Gucci brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. The company started off small, selling only leather goods such as before extending into clothing, shoes and other accessories. The company became internationally recognised for their high-quality leather goods produced entirely in Italy by skilled Italian artisans. The heritage of the Gucci brand has always been centred on the equestrian world and fashion. The signature green-red-green stripe is one of the brand’s trademark logos.

Why buy designer eyewear?
Designer eyewear is much more affordable than other luxury accessories like bags, watches and jewellery. Not only does eyewear look great but they also improve your eye health at the same time. People tend to forget that investing in a designer purchase doesn’t have to be as costly as they think. Sunglasses and prescription frames are long-term lifestyle investments as they serve a purpose in your daily life.

Gucci Eyewear
Gucci launched their first eyewear collection in the 1970s. Since then, there has a wide selection of frame shapes created to suit most fashion styles and personalities. Whether you are looking for luxurious and glamorous sunglasses or very simple understated prescription frames there is something in the Gucci eyewear collection to suit you. Gucci offers a range of unisex frames as well as gender-specific frames to choose from.

If you have never invested in a designer purchase before and are looking for an entry into the world of designer goods, eyewear is a very good place to start. The eyewear collection combines its glamorous appeal with modernity offering wearers more popular styles like over-sized sunglasses, geek-chic frames and an extensive range of colours, patterns and finishes.

Fashion Eyewear London stocks a variety of styles for men, women and children. The children’s eyewear collection is known as Gucci Kids. As Gucci independently volunteered to become socially responsible in 2011, the brand has released several collections of eco-eyewear. These ranges of optical frames and sunglasses are sustainable products and can be recycled. In 2012, the brand launched a range of eco-eyewear which was made from liquid wood, a sustainable material.